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Who are we?

Social is a Humanitarian Non-Profit Organization working to create a lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty and injustice. Social serves all people regardless of religion, caste, race, ethnicity or gender. Being spread all island, we work covering a vast area of projects ranging from long-term sustainable community development programs to immediate disaster relief assistance.


Our Vision

To create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities in terms of alleviating poverty, eradicating injustice and ensuring basic living standards are met.


Our Mission

We work towards creating a positive social change to enhance the quality of life of everyone in the society


Our Objectives

1) To uplift the educational level and provide literacy support to the society

2) To aid the deprived children

3) To provide solutions for water and sanitary problems

4) To provide orphan care

5) To provide livelihood support for poor families

6) To facilitate healthcare

7) To assist in disaster relief

8) To engage in protecting the environment

9) To empower women

10) To create a better environment for the differently abled


What's New?

Sinhala New Year with Visually Challenged 2017 (දෘශ්යාබාධි අවුරුදු)

What else should I know?

Our Projects 

Our projects range from immediate disaster relief assistance to long term sustainable community related schemes. It covers areas such as education, health, employment, environment, awareness programmes (AIDS, Dengue, Abuse, Drugs), Blood Donors Database, CSR event management, Birthday and special events planning with the needy as well as visits to hospitals, children and elders homes.

  • Visits to children’s homes, elders’ homes and underprivileged areas
  • Distribution of essential food items, dry rations and hygienic kits to families affected by landslides.
  • Provision of water purification units to areas that suffered from unhygienic conditions, which limited their access to clean water.
  • Essential items for school were offered to children who lost their possessions in natural disasters, which facilitated them to resume their studies.
  • Conducted nutrition programmes for orphans and children from very poor households who suffer from malnutrition. Malnutrition obstructs their achievements due to the hindrance caused to their competency levels. 
  • Awareness programmes for a wide range of issues such as Dengue, AIDS, Abuse, etc. These programmes also deals with increasing transparency regarding the access to drugs, diagnosis for HIV, and building a public support base towards resolving the threat imposed by such diseases. It also aims to encourage law makers to pass HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control, provide adequate treatment for children inflicted with diabetes, HIV and cancer as well as impose stringent protectionist measures for all children, including street dwellers. 
  • Rehabilitation for child labourers and those conditioned to begging.
  • Employment opportunities
  • Scholarship schemes
  • Provision of well-designed wheelchairs which not only enhances mobility, but also opens up a world of possibilities in terms of education, work and social life for those in need of such support

Mile Stones

 2007 – April Started with the name of “Colombo Forum” by Mr. Shihan Haniff  2014 - July Started with new theme using Social Media (Facebook page was created)

 2014 – November Relief for the Koslanda Land slide affected people  2014 – December Helping hand for Polonnaruwa flood affected people

 2015 – January School supplies distributed to 700+ underprivileged children around Sri Lanka  2015 – February Web launch of  2015 – April Sama Sri Desha Shakthi award  2015 – April Awurudu with Visually Impared People for the first time in Sri Lanka  2015 – June Ratnadeepa award  2015 – October White Cane Day – Distribution of white canes and awareness programme  2016 – January School supplies distributed to 700+ underprivileged children around Sri Lanka

 2016 – February Sathya Jothi Award


How can you contribute

Volunteer Participate in our events such as visits to children’s and elders’ homes, fundraisers and other activities based on your convenience. Share your talents and hobby with the less fortunate: sing, dance and spread joys among the orphans and the needy.

Member Become an active member and grasp the opportunity to serve the vulnerable. You will also be exposed to regular social service training that can enhance your social worker skills.

Donor You can donate for particular causes or allocate a part of your charity fund for regular sponsorship such as scholarship for students or medical expenses for patients inflicted with lifelong diseases.

Blood Donor Now you can access our blood donor database available on our website in order to contact blood donors available around the country. You could be a part of this step too. Donate blood to save lives. (Eligibility criteria apply).

Support Us By increasing awareness of our projects. Like us on Facebook and follow our updates. Stay connected.

How can i get updates?

We are on facebook





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