The SOLE Session : "Communication Through the Ages"


The 18th of February 2017 was a special day at Teach because we had our very own SOLE session on the theme “Communication through the ages” with an enthusiastic bunch of kids filled with an immense curiosity to learn.

For those of you who are wondering what is SOLE?

SOLE means a Self Organized Learning Environment where the students are given the freedom to think on their own, discuss in groups and express their ideas. The SOLE sessions are designed to spark the children’s curiosity by asking questions and assisting them to explore the answers through an internet based research. We at TEACH created our own unique SOLE session lined up with fun and interactive activities.

How ?

  • Session 1: Discussion – from snail mail to whatsapp

Initially we had a group discussion on how different means of communication, namely, post, telephone, mobile phone, computer and the tablet evolved with time. The discussion included topics such as, how the initial telephone later developed into the mobile and how the huge mainframe computers developed into laptops and so on. Although a bit hesitant at first, gradually the students started bubbling with energy as they expressed how they saw the changes in communication throughout the years. Thereafter, the advantages, disadvantages as well as the new trends were discussed in detail. They pointed out how email has now replaced post and how smart phones have replaced the mobile phones.


  • Session 2: "Communication through the walls" 

Then came the group activity session – “Communication through the walls”-  where the students got the opportunity to use whatsapp to communicate with other groups. The students were split into groups and occupied different classrooms. They received instructions from a volunteer, who acted as a moderator, on whatsapp and with minimal guidance from the teachers, the students were given the chance to send emojis to each other, take and share a group selfie, sing and record a voice message of a famous song and also to do a small video introducing themselves, which was eagerly done by every student.

As the cheer, laughter and happiness of the children echoed through the class rooms, our SOLE session concluded as an unforgettable day for everyone.

Why ?

Because instead of the usual Saturday class, the SOLE session allowed the kids to think, form the words and sentences in their heads and to actually speak up. Not only to speak, but also to sing and enjoy this different kind of learning program with everyone. Also since every student was given the chance to get involved in the group activity, it was a day of collaboration, bringing together the teachers and students to learn in a unique way.