The Ice Breaker: Our first Session

 Our first class was an Ice breaker session with fun and interactive activities to give the students and the teachers to get to know one another. 

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The junior students started off with a worksheet, where they had to write their name, age and draw a picture of themselves. The teachers took the opportunity to teach them all how to write their name in English. 
Then the cut and folded the origami sheet to make a puppy. They coloured the puppies in different colours. The teachers walked around asking the kids which colours they were using and what their favorite colours were.Finally the kids were grouped together for a game before they left.


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They too started off with an activity sheet "About Me". Their worksheet asked simple questions about each student such as favoutite Place, colour, subject, how many siblings they have etc. Each student had to come to the front of the class and introduce their friend to the
The  class played "simon says" at the end of the class and they wanted to play it one more time after the first round. But unfortunately time had run out.

The first day of class at TEACH was a bundle of activity. The classrooms were filled up. Colours were brought out and everyone was busy. It was indeed a satisfying evening filled with fun and laughter. We hope it is would be the first of many such evenings.